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ACE Allison's FAA Approved Parts

ACE Allisons specializes in overhauling and repairing Allison V-1710 aircraft engines. Overhauls are done to the original manufacturers tolerance specifications for new engines. This often requires that new parts be used, but results in an engine far superior to one overhauled to be within “replacement” tolerances.

ACE Allisons FAA approved replacement parts not only restore components to their original tolerance and performance requirements, but utilize improved materials, manufacturing processes and testing that results in an overall improvement of the engine. An ACE Allisons V-1710 is the engine that Allison itself would have been built had they had the time and access to modern materials and processes.

ACE Allisons has the expertice to tackle unusual and demanding projects. For example, the development of the “long-nose” V-1710-F engine for use in the newly constructed Fw190 “Long Nose”. This development moved the propeller twelve inches forward and provided space for the unique circular radiator used on the long-nose Fw 190D “Dora”.

Another unique development has been to redevelop the lost knowledge for how to overhaul and calibrate the complex engine, supercharger and water injection controls for the “ultimate” V-1710, the 2250 bhp, two-stage, V-1710-G6 used in the P-82E/F airplanes.

ACE Allisons has been able to restore to service derilect engines such as a V-1710-33(C15) for the Curtiss P-40B/C Tomahawk. These early Allisons are very different that the much more common V-1710-E/F models and have involved manufacturing many new parts even including propeller shafts. The result is that there are examples of the early Tomahawk now flying that would otherwise be a museum piece waiting for one of these rare engines.

ACE Allisons is the only Allison builder in the world today that can provide a legaly documented V-1710 for installation in “Limited” Catageory aircraft. This is because for a Limited Category aircraft to be legal the aircraft and its engine must be in compliance with the associated original militiary technical orders, which were the basis for issuing the Limited Category airworthiness licenses. With wear and the passage of time the stocks of acceptable NOS parts has been depleted and it is now necessary to utilize newly manufactured parts. These parts themselves require FAA approval, and only ACE Allisons has gone to the trouble to develop the engineering database needed to support approvals. The result is an engine with paperwork able to substantiate that the engine is qualified for installation in Limited Category aircraft.

Bring us your challenging engine issues and we will resolve them in an affordable and timely manner.