Custom Calibrated Dynamometer Testing

ACE Allisons Dyno. Air enters the J79 compressor from the right, driven by the V-1710 test engine on the left. (Click to enlarge)

The FAA requires that every rebuild or overhaul of an engine shall be properly "run-in." This is nominally a four hour run that demonstrates the capabilities of the engine and assures that it is functioning properly.

ACE Allisons is the only V-1710 builder that has a fully instrumented and functional Dynamometer able to properly load the engine and measure its performance during the run-in. A key feature of the ACE Allison Dyno is that it uses the compressor section from a J79 jet engine as the load. This compressor has variable stator vanes, which allow adjustment of load at any given rpm, similar to how a constant speed propeller functions.

Dyno digital data acquisition system during a run of a V-1710-99A at Takeoff Power. (Click to enlarge)

ACE Allisons uses a very rigorous schedule of rpm and power increases during the initial running that assures the piston rings are properly seated before full power running occurs. The result is that when the run-in is complete, the engine is ready to install in your airplane and fly. There is no "break-in" or "slow-time" flight necessary with your new engine.

Ours is the only dynamometer in the world built to test Allison V-1710 aircraft engines. Ace Allisons' testing process leaves no doubt that your engine is ready to go.

Owners and operators of engines being run on the Dyno are encouraged to attend the run-in for the purpose of seeing their engine operate over its full power range and become familiar with its operational capabilities.

ACE Allisons Scott Collins and Bud Wheeler with the Dyno. (Click to enlarge)

Allison V-1710
ACE Allisons Dyno Control Panel during a run with a V-1710-99A at 3,000 rpm and 60 inHgA. Note that the Magnahelic pressure gauge indicates zero inH2O pressure in the crankcase, i.e., no blowby! (Click to enlarge)

Below are 2 new videos showing our dyno in operation with its various features described by Bud.


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