Services Available

ACE Allisons' FAA Approved Replacement Parts

  • Cadmium Plating of Engine Parts
  • V-1710 Coolant Pump Modernization
  • New Seals and Gaskets
  • V-1710 Distributor Seal Improvements
  • Renewal of V-1710 Silver Plated Plain Bearings
  • New Valve Springs
  • Replacement Propeller Shaft Thrust and Roller Bearings
  • Use of Modern Sparkplugs in the V-1710
  • Cast Exhaust Valve Seat Inserts
  • Intake & Exhaust Valve Stem Repair
  • Replacement Valve Guides
  • Electroless Nickel Pistons and Ring Package
  • Increased Strength Connecting Rod Bolts
  • New Steel Cylinder Liners
  • Engine Mount Insert Replacement
  • Reworked Crankshaft Journals

Why an ACE Allisons V-1710?
ACE Allisons is the only Allison builder in the world today that can provide a legally documented V-1710 for installation in "Limited" Category aircraft. For a Limited Category aircraft to be legal the aircraft and its engine must be in compliance with the associated original military technical orders, which were the basis for issuing the Limited Category airworthiness licenses. With wear and the passage of time the stocks of acceptable NOS parts has been depleted and it is now necessary to utilize many newly manufactured parts. These parts themselves require FAA approval, and only ACE Allisons has gone to the trouble to develop the engineering database needed to support approvals. The result is an engine with paperwork able to substantiate that the engine is qualified for installation and operation in Limited Category aircraft. We have the only dynamometer in the world custom-built to test Allisons. All engines are fully tested and exercised for several hours before leaving our shop.

Who is ACE Allisons?
ACE Allisons builds V-1710 engines for the Warbird community. This is highly specialized work that assures Warbird owners and operators that their engine will perform to the same level that they were when leaving the factory in the early 1940s. Not only does ACE Allisons have the engine building skills and experience appropriate to this requirement, we also have the unique parts, engineering support and test equipment necessary to assure that the engine will perform as it originally did.

Our Standards
ACE Allisons engine overhauls are done to the original manufacturer's tolerance specifications for new engines. This often requires that new parts be used, but results in an engine far superior to one overhauled to be within "replacement" tolerances as is typical of other builders. ACE Allisons FAA approved replacement parts not only restore components to their original tolerance and performance requirements, but utilize improved materials, manufacturing processes and testing that result in an overall improvement of the engine. An ACE Allisons V-1710 is the engine that Allison itself would have built had they had the time and access to modern materials and processes.

Bring us your challenging engine issues and we will resolve them in an affordable and timely manner!

Oshkosh winning P-40E by Fagen Fighters with ACE Allisons period correct V-1710-39.

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