ACE Allisons - The V-1710 with A Difference

What Kind of Planes use an Allison Engine?
Allison V-1710 under dynamometer testingFor over 30 years, ACE Allisons has specialized in overhauling and repairing Allison V-1710 aircraft engines. The robust Allison V-1710 aircraft engine of WWII fame is still powering examples of the magnificent P-38 Lightning, P-39 Airacobra, P-40 Tomahawk, Kittyhawk, Warhawk, the early P-51 Mustang, as well as the latter P-63 Kingcobras and P-82E/F Twin Mustangs. In addition, it is the engine of choice for many newly built replica aircraft such as the V-12 Yaks, P-51As and full scale wooded Spitfires.

How We Serve the WarBird Community
ACE Allisons has solved the problems of modern Warbird operators by developing, and obtaining FAA approvals, for replacement parts appropriate to a long life and smooth operation of today's V-1710. ACE Allisons incorporates these parts into the engines we overhaul, resulting in a smooth running, clean and reliable engine able to serve the needs of the Allison powered Warbird community. These new parts, along with our experienced and skilled staff, are the Difference built into an ACE Allisons V-1710.

Practice, and critical testing, makes perfect!
Our skilled and experienced staff builds and supports these engines using our extensive engineering database, stock of critical spare parts and testing equipment. Every engine leaving the shop is fully exercised and qualified on our calibrated dynamometer. Your engine is ready to install and fly at delivery. We encourage every owner to attend the final run-in to see for themselves how the engine performs and handles over the full power range.

Calibrated dynamometer at Ace Allisons
Our Exclusive Calibrated Dynamometer for testing aircraft engines.

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